FAA Part 107 Training

We are pleased to announce that we are teaching UAS FAA Part 107 test prep classes at:


What Topics are Covered

  • UAS Aerial Systems and their applications
  • DJI drone platforms
  • Airspace awareness apps
  • DJI Fly, DJI Go, and DJI Pilot apps
  • Hands-on demonstrations and practice sessions
  • Airspace restrictions
  • Insurance and other documentation requirements
  • Weather conditions
  • Training patterns
  • Using obstacle avoidance
  • Texas privacy laws as they relate to drones
  • Exam questions review
  • Air traffic radio frequencies
  • What to do if you crash, experience a combusition, or other equipment hazards

… just to name a few.

Check out the interview with Fox 4 news regarding the class being offered through Collin College.