About DWDI

DW Digital Imagery & Associates (DWDI) is a family owned business specializing in the use of UAS (Drone) technology for multiple applications.  DWDI was founded by CEO – Owner Jonathan Denton in Frisco, TX and became a LLC corporation on June 30, 2017.  Before starting DWDI, Jonathan worked as a Geographic Information Technology Specialist/Analyst for multiple industries and developed custom light-weight web applications for spatial insights and data collection.  Furthermore, after discovering drone technology and its capabilities with remote sensing specific to GIS and mapping capabilities, Jonathan realized his dream of starting his own business and pushing the limits of this cutting-edge technology.


Jonathan Denton

Jonathan Denton


Jonathan is the Owner, CEO and Founder of DW Digital Imagery & Associates, LLC. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies/Science from the University of West Florida. In 2007 Jonathan received a Master’s Certificate in (GIS) Geospatial Information Sciences from the University of Texas at Dallas after completing 21 hours of graduate level courses. He has 12 years experience working with GIS and Remote Sensing in multiple industries. In 2013, he began research and development with integrating GIS and drone technology for mapping, change detection & 3D modeling using Pix4d with ESRI ArcGIS Desktop solutions. In his spare time he enjoys watching his 2 young boys play sports, attending birthday parties, and swimming at the local pool with friends and family. He is also a die-hard Oklahoma Sooner Football fan.

Our Motto

Our mission here at DWDI is to provide the best service & experience for our customers.  Out in the field, we will face many challenges that involve technical road-blocks, weather conditions & access to job sites. To accomplish our goals and succeed during adversity, we adopt the long-standing motto created by the U.S. Marine Corps & Navy SEAL Special Forces Unit: “Improvise”, “Adapt”, “Overcome”.  By Improvising, we use creativity to think outside of the box when leveraging the technical knowledge and expertise at hand. Adapting allows us to stay calm and focused on the mission with poise and precision to succeed. When overcoming our challenges, we become mentally stronger and more confident in our skills and capabilities.

Our Values of Service

Our core values of service dedicated to our customers and employees encompass the following Acronym “FIGHT”:

Fairness- We believe in a fair growth & opportunity environment for our employees. We also believe in fair negotiations and compensation to our customers if we are responsible for mistakes or fall short of expectations.

Integrity – When maintaining integrity according to our duties and obligations towards our employees and customers, respect and trust will be gained by our peers.

Gratitude – By showing our employees how much we appreciate their dedication and hard work here at DWDI, our growth and capabilities will evolve from the passion and dreams of all that make our company what it is today. Furthermore, we appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers and the confidence they have in the products and services we provide.

Honesty – Honesty and transparency in how we operate as a company are crucial to the successes of DWDI and its employees. Without honesty, we lose sight of what is important within our core values.

Trust – Trust is essential to how we maintain open dialog here at DWDI between our employees and customers. Furthermore, trust is how we build strong relationships with our employees as well as customers.